Tuesday, 19 February 2008

inner space

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it's the hard knock life

yes, you are right; i haven't written in a while. not at length anyway. the age-old excuse will suffice - i've been busy at work dear. to be honest it's been a bit ridiculous and the last few months of last year drove me quite near to the edge of insanity. i was only ever at work, barely a spare moment to myself let alone to the ones i love. there was actually a point around mid-november where i realised i hadn't seen any friends or family for a month. four weeks! to be honest, that's just utter stupidity: work/sleep/work/sleep, for 28 days. nothing social in that time, only a selfless contribution to someone else's paycheck. this in the midst of a whole year of nightmarishly hard labour and dwindling social activity.

then a meeting, with some monkey who supposedly manages the company. "as a department we thrashed our targets to pieces this year, individually i have been instrumental in this and have taken on the work of someone in an entirely different pay scale. how about i get a pay rise and some indication as to when i will stop having to work 75 hour weeks?" said i.
"unfortunately the rest of the company didn't do so well so your department's contribution isn't really worth a rat's cock," came the reply, or something similar, "and we can't give you a pay rise now because you only had one 11 months ago and we can only look at salaries once a year."
"because of what reason?" me.
"because that's how it works." him.
"oh, that makes perfect sense. and what about the unreasonable amount of time that i've spent in this building over the last few months?"
"you won't find a job in this industry that allows you a 40 hour week, mate."
"don't call me 'mate' you ignorant patronising fuck."
(i may have paraphrased that a little for dramatic effect, but the sentiment was certainly there)

well, to cut a longish story short i handed my resignation in a few days later; when i found that i had spent 5 days in a constant state of teetering on the edge of losing my temper. bearing in mind that i've only lost my temper once before in my life and that was when when someone hit me with a mercedes, this wasn't a mind set i enjoyed wallowing in. so i quickly wrote a letter and gave it in.

it was a nice feeling. then i thought - i should get a new job, then..... um, yeah.

"you won't find a job in this industry that allows you a 40 hour week, mate."

except... i have.


and they're going to pay me much more money.

suck on that you morale-destroying cocktard.

Monday, 18 February 2008

oranges are not the only fruit

i have recently spent a stupidly large amount of money on a lovely mac laptop. i will be running this (what i am typing on right now) and my windows based PC for the time being; subconsciously comparing the two i guess, whether i want to or not.

much as i am purposefully going to resist becoming one of those horrible self-righteous militant apple users that you encounter far too regularly, it does seem that OS Leopard is quite ridiculously a lot better that XP. no surprise there i suppose.

as long as i don't have to go any where near Vista, i'm a happy man.