Sunday, 13 January 2008

the italian job

if - by some very strange and pleasant set of coincidences - the gorgeous girl i met today with a coat of the same name and trouble with her mackerel, is reading this... please do get in touch. this would be most agreeable.

super mario bros.

the odd cast

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Saturday, 12 January 2008

the young ones

i casually look out of the side of my eye at the menu on his ipod; as i like to do when i'm sitting there waiting for my wheeled tube to reach its destination. i like to see what different people choose to hear when they adjourn. you see

he wears a conservative trenchcoat and business tie. grey makes cameos on his temples. his shoes are sensible, but to him a luxury. the celebrity page of a badly written free newspaper holds his attention.

he is listening to a dora the explorer audio book.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

walk the dinosaur

my trip of my lifetime

for all of those thousands of readers out there who are completely enamoured by everything i do and say, you have another chance to update your life on my life on a regular occasion. me, shoelace and troubadour have just embarked on a slippery route to recording a podcast. i've bought a load of recording equipment and we've sat down and talked inanely for a few hours.

click here and you'll be whisked off to a page where you can download "The Odd Cast." eventually it will be on iTunes and you can automatically do it for free automatically. presently there's only the first episode, with more to come very soon. the first one is a bit rough, but bear with it they are getting awesome.

or just listen to it here:
The Odd Cast Episo...

of course you may just be completely bored by it, but it passes the time on a journey to work now and again doesn't it?

I've been to the year 3000

I got a new phone. It does a lot of things like push email and video calls. I am using it to do this blog while I'm sitting on a bus.

It doesn't let me type in only lowercase letters though, as is my normal style.

To be honest, the only reason I'm writing this entry is to see whether this phone has the same layout problems that my last one did in transfer from handset to internet. Pretty dull for you guys.


Thursday, 3 January 2008

it was a very good year

yes, it's 2008. the year i become older than i ever thought i'd be. and it's the time of year when you look back at last year and mull over how goodish it were. then you look at the year ahead and wonder how goodish you can make it be.

as for last year:
i took an amazing trip across eurasia, ran a youth theatre event for some amazing kids, i bought a massive jeep, kissed some mighty fine ladies, didn't crash ANY vehicles, bought an expensive suit, got drunk & smoked with my equally sober best friend, spent a great deal of time with my wonderful friends, stood up to my boss, went to at least one gig every month, worked through tonsillitis, threw caution to the wind a good few times, ate a snake....

it'll be a tough one to beat, but to encourage a good beating this year i plan to:
1 get a new job
2 have two proper holidays
3 throw caution to the wind a good few times
4 marry each one of you in turn
5 seize every opportunity to do good stuff
6 discover a new favourite band
7 wear hats a lot
8 see my wonderful friends more

quite generic, i know, but... whatever

if i can pull off 5 of those 8, i will consider it perfection.

one down