Monday, 17 May 2010


this show is tomorrow and i am in it, innit.

i love the spring. it is the season of sunshine and romance and wing-nuts and fresh cherries and friendly maggots and savagery.

do you know what, though? it just wouldn't be complete if we didn't do a massive collaboration with the King & Queen of london impro: Hoopla!

thank goodness this poster came along.
yes, it's pink,
but it's more than that - it's a call to order, it's a fanfare, it's the knowledge that you are a ferrari's gear-change away from the night of your life.
yeah, it'll be like a rock-badger playing Van Halen records:- you wouldn't want to miss it or you'll feel bad about your life and the direction you're going.

just like a rock-badger.

The Ministry and Hoopla! unite for the first time ever. hear us roar.


Nicola "teenage wasteland" Kidner
Jinni "credible threat" Lyons
Edgar "lips don't lie" Fernando
Jonathan "flabby piracy" Monkhouse

all masterfully and continuously directed by:
Stephen "squeezy squeegy" Roe

***** ***** *****
Tuesday, 18 May 2010
20:00 - 22:00
Upstairs at The Black Horse, 6 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HH

***** ***** *****

i literally can't wait. i just had a baby from the excitement.

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