Wednesday, 9 June 2010


here's the thing. me and Troub are doing a show at the edinburgh fringe festival this year, with some truly wonderful collaborators.

it's going to be ace:
It’s the big meeting and Andrew is lumbered with the key presentation on Corporate Strategy. He’s unsure what that is, but middle-management have 'tasked' him with it and threatened to make severe notes in his appraisal if he doesn't comply.
Andrew isn’t too worried, though, he’s a slide show wizard. He can make words jump through hoops (as long as he has some Clip-Art of some hoops), he’s in complete control.

Except PowerPoint has inconveniently achieved sentience and is planning to kill him and take over the world.

In a death struggle with his homicidal slides, the four bullet points of the Apocalypse and quadspeed forces of evil, now Andrew might be humanity’s last hope for salvation.
Death by PowerPoint? Next slide please.

sounds good, right?

quite a major part of the show means that we need a screen & projector. and we have an incredibly limited budget. so this is an appeal.
if you have a projector, or know someone who has a projector, or can get your hands on a projector, or could make a projector out of items you might find in a Pound Shop.... please please please let me know.

we would be looking to borrow it for the second half of August, this year.
we will look after it, we would treat it like our own child.

actually, probably slightly better than our own child: we'd feed it fruit and bathe it every day. i'd tuck it in every night and Troub would sing it a lullaby.

and aside from everything you'd become an integral contributer to a show that has, and will, have the entire might of all the creative juices that me and some of my nearest can possibly pour upon it. we would be eternally grateful. we would think of you as treasure on a stormy morning, like a battle for justice, a magnificent beast calling from the top of a mountain. your name would be entered into the mental records of history that blow on the wind, and the breeze would whisper your name on a summer's day.

we can't pay you much (or any) cash, but you can't buy the thrill of being more than a cog in the wheel. you can't replace the human warmth of appreciation with a lump of money that you'd only own fleetingly, before giving it to The Man in exchange for a materialistic object that'd only be outdated in a year. like a projector.

money can't buy you love, but a projector can.

if you have a solution to our problem, please do all you can to email me at:
then we can talk about this Love Thing i've got waiting for you.

ideally we're talking at least 4000 lumens, preferably DLP, the best we can find really. any help would be hugely appreciated.
sincere thanks in advance. thank you.

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