Thursday, 26 February 2009

army of darkness

there are at least one hundred bloggers in the world, some of which spend hours upon hours deconstructing culture and leaving their smeggy imprint on the world as we spiral into endless decline. it wouldn't surprise me if i was considered one of them, although there are far better reads out there if you are inclined to crawl the blogosphere. in my stuttered attempt to broaden your horizons i'll draw your attention to another regularly updated blog and destroyer of bland, mishka. i'm not entirely certain if it has multiple contributors; and it does dangerously skirt the regions of hipster douchery, but it won't be a waste of your time to stop by every now & again. and i whole-heartedly agree with their views on this cunt.

and they like comics.

but even if you don't like reading (explaining why you've arrived at my blog) you could spend hours just repeatedly clicking refresh and looking through the fine picture gallery in the header bar.

in english terms:

- douches are chavs, but with hollywood breast/face implants.

- hipsters are anyone you see on nathan barley.

- they are all bastards.

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