Monday, 2 February 2009

bridge over the river kwai

as the world looked like this when i went to leave at 5.30 this morning i decided to shun the risk of 'death by idiot driver' and seek alternative transport to my bike. i may have been fine, but not being able to distinguish between curb and road seemed like a perilous obstacle.

i've neglected writing about the london underground very much on this blog for a few reasons, including the fact that it makes me so angry I could bust a blood vessel in my typing finger. also it strikes me as an unfair battle; when i'm faced with an opponent that has no line of defence, no positive statistics that it can quip back at me.

the london underground is basically a disaster.

for those of you who don't live in london or use the tube regularly, it's non-geographical map can appear illegible and scary. i've heard that. my greatest fear, though - is that anyone responsible for the running of 'london's premier transport system' might seek a change in career and end up in politics, and christ knows we're already disabled there.

but here i am, on a representation of a journey to work. it was a decision akin to which end of your body to put over the toilet bowl when you've got the nora virus, but i'm now down in the tube network... and it's going just about as well as expected, as I'm just approaching the end of my second hour of traveling. on a journey that normally takes 50 minutes.

but i should cut them some slack, it's not like we've had snow in this country ever before. oh no, wait a minute. my mistake. it happens nearly every year, doesn't it?

but still, every time the transport network reacts in the same way as a kitten the first time its owner throws it into a snow filled garden.

and to confirm my worst nightmares i've just been thrown out on to the street because of an 'emergency' at waterloo, and informed that there is no service. i'm guessing the 'emergency' is that the operators haven't really ever thought through the possibility that snow exists.

i wonder if it would've been quicker to start cycling in and come via a fractured limb at the nearest accident & emergency. my only current choice is to now walk as the buses and the DLR have also been canceled.

ah london. you bitch.

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