Monday, 12 January 2009

a boy, a girl & a bike

as is the trend with this time of year, i've come over all philosophical and self-aware. my thoughts are predominately about my life and the lives of those around me, about what happened during 2008 and what i want from 2009.

well, the world changed for everyone. barack obama was voted as the next president and like him or not he takes office in 10 days and the world will change.
more specifically, the world was flipped to all angles for the people i love.
troubadour took a big ol' step and moved in with red.
batman married his wonderful wife.
the duchess sent herself on a voyage of self-discovery.
shoelace and my sister became finally pregnant.
my brother and his girlfriend became unexpectedly pregnant and have since given birth to a bundle of cuteness named Alice May...
and so on and so forth.
oh yes, and it would appear that i have bumped into the greatest woman of all time =>

i could go on, but i try to look forward more than dwell on the past; even if that plan doesn't always come into fruition. so, to 2009.

a couple of things lay on the horizon. i'm going to double-up my uncle status when Madeleine is born in february. i'm still not sure of the spelling of her name, but i'm sure that she will be as loved as her cousin, and as much as anyone could be.
my company's contract is going through renewal and what with that and the current (very boring) credit crisis i might be without a job in the near-ish future.
my lovely lady may encourage me into a moving-in scenario if she plays her cards right.
so it's looking like an alright year, as things go. i have a remarkable woman, and continue to have the best friends you could hope for; so what more could i want?

well i'm a fat bugger, so my next project is to make some improvements there. the standard self-promise of anyone who lives through a new years eve party, "i will lose the lard" and actually do some exercise. actually. and the way i'm going to do it is by taking up cycling as my principal form of transport around london. judging by the way - over the last 3 weeks - i've been growing noticeably obsessed by buying a bike, it looks like i'll be throwing myself whole-heartedly into it.
and it means i get to almost completely cut out traveling on the london underground, which is akin to vomiting bile on a daily basis.

so, through this scheme, my employer is buying me a bicycle; and from then on i'll be back on two wheels for the first time since i crashed my wonderful honda, and on a self-propelled two wheels for the first time since i was knee-high to a grasshopper.
i can't wait. especially after the 12 mile off-road ride i did with The Budd's dad over the weekend.
as soon as the accounts department get off their ass and sort payment out, i'll be taking home one of these bad boys

and i guess if you want to go by olde blogging conventions: the urban cowboy will be returning to the saddle... albeit a self-propelled, smaller version.

i'm hoping that this might turn into a bit of a cyclist's blog, as long as the obsession continues. unfortunately it will lack the technical knowledge and scathing grace of my new favourite blogger who shares my love for cynicism and my active hatred for all things pretentious, whilst managing to weasel in some useful technical information.

while i'm on the subject of pretentiousness, in neon-sun tradition i'd like to direct you towards another thing on the web that amused me; and nothing could be closer to my heart than the ridicule of twats that can be found here. the website speaks for itself, but from me - if you ever bump into anyone featured on it, feel free to explore their innards with a heavy-weight seatpost.

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