Monday, 26 January 2009

history is made at night

i could've sat down on saturday and written about picking up my shiny new bike.
and on sunday i could've regaled you with The Great Strap-On Adventure... but i was spending a well-earned, relaxing weekend with SLR in bristol, so i had better things to do than type on my laptop.

until now, when i'm sitting at work spending a great deal of time on the CTC website* and encouragingly positive about the night-ride home.

i have finally taken receipt of my bike (as you would hopefully have ascertained by now). at Zero G Specialized Concept store on saturday, they handed me my freshly built bike, with all my accessories firmly attached. i was like small boy in a sweet shop. or a large boy in a sweet shop. that sold bikes. i also added a pair of waterproof trousers and a bigger chain to my order. yeah, i live a rock 'n roll lifestyle.

i also picked up a strap-on bike rack. there is a much longer story to this that i typed out, only to discover it is more boring that the most boring thing i've ever seen. it all ended in me arriving back in london at 11.30 last night with my bike mounted so high up above the back of my car it looked like a separate entity

despite my most intelligent of urges to go to bed, i then proceeded to spend 2.5 hours fixing all my remaining accessories.
none of them were necessary for my debut to the World of Commuting by Bicycle (cyclemooting?), but now i'm equipped for anything.


* yep, i'm surfing the net while i'm at work. sue me.

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