Saturday, 17 April 2010

the benchwarmers

here's the first parliamentary debate between the 3 leaders of the main parties.
absolutely no surprise to find that it's just petty squabbling between gordon brown and david cameron, both who are far more concerned with trying to undermine each other than actual politics. it's like a playground, with two bullies scrapping to make sure everyone knows which one is the biggest and bestest, ignoring any rules of engagement and weirdly agreeing with each other on most points, despite presenting themselves as opposites.

to one side of the fight, a quiet little chap is there trying to prevent all the onlookers getting laid out by a stray fist.
"the more they attack each other, the more they start to sound the same."


unfortunately it was televised by ITV, so it's a pretty vulgar presentation, that probably didn't help with the WWF smackdown atmosphere.

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