Wednesday, 28 April 2010

the men who stare at goats

me and the troubadour are writing a show for the edinburgh fringe festival this year. here's the website:

there's not really anything on it at the moment, but there are a load of links so you can follow our progress. like on twitter or facebook or something.

and this is what it's all about. we think.
It’s the big meeting and Andrew is lumbered with the key presentation on Corporate Strategy. He’s unsure what that is.
He isn’t too worried though: he’s a PowerPoint wizard, he can make words jump through hoops (as long as he has some Clip-Art of hoops). He’s in complete control.
Except PowerPoint has inconveniently achieved sentience and is planning to kill him and take over the world.

In a death struggle with his homicidal slides, the four bullet points of the Apocalypse and quadspeed forces of evil; now Andrew might be humanity’s last hope of salvation.
Death by PowerPoint? Next slide please.

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