Tuesday, 27 April 2010

iron man 2

i'm in this show tonight.

the toughest impro challenge in the world!
12 actors start. they do impro. audience vote some off.
one actor survives 'til the end.
they become - IRON ACTOR!
london impro never got better.
or tougher.

the show will also have these fine performers (obviously they won't win as I AM IRON ACTOR. but they'll at least help me look good):
Chris Mead - The Ministry, The Oodcast, Andrew & The Slides of Chaos
Rhiannon Vivian - Cannonball, Crouching Unicorn, Hidden Goblin
Claire O'Callaghan - Cannonball
Andrew Gentilli - Cannonball
Michael Brunstrom - Curt Hatred's Copper Glove
Wanda Keenan - A whole bunch of stuff, including this
Roderick Millar - Friendly Fire
Paul Rice - Sketchprov
Matt Andrews - Hoopla!
Geoff Marshall - Cameron Girl
Katrina Johnsen - Hoopla!

doors 7.30pm, show 8pm
upstairs at The Black Horse, 6 rathbone place, london, w1t 1hh

see you there for kick-ass good entertainment and laugh-a-moment genius machinery.

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