Thursday, 4 November 2010

magic bus

london transport is generally regarded as a piece of dog turd caught in your dreadlocks, and rightly so. it is amongst the most expensive public transport systems in the world, takes a massive chunk of your wages to get you to work, and lacks any of the reliability you can take for granted in countries like japan and china.

the people who run it are paid vast oceans of cash, and seem to give nothing back but a slow, faulty dirt-hole filled with rude, incapable bus-drivers and signal problems.

not even a tube strike seems to work properly. supposedly we had one yesterday, although i caught the tube to work and back with an extra trip to a clients' office... with absolutely no impact. it wasn't even busy. i just caught the tubes and got to my destinations.
even their tube strike is half-arsed.

now and again on the tube, you might hear them announce "all london underground lines are running normally." it amuses me greatly that this is considered such a feat that they make an announcement. if that's a regular thing to do, i might start wandering around my workplace shouting that I am "DOING MY JOB!"

whenever i hear from L.T. that 'everything is working as normal', i immediately assume that means 'everything is pretty fucking awful, but at least there aren't any bombs'.

if only driving cars to work every day was a viable option. i have a car. it's a nice one. it's made by renault and i can't help thinking (after seeing their recent ad campaign) that renault is a car company that identifies with me.

.. wait.. what? am i saying a massive, multinational car-manufacturing company identifies with me, an individual human? no, of course they don't. they're a huge corporation led by money. they don't give a shit about humans; they just want cash. that's how businesses work (see fig.1: London Transport).

nope, renault don't identify with me any more than you, dear alienated reader, but renault's recent advert proudly states that the daily mail disagrees with them, which is a badge of honour if ever i did see. i almost read the daily mail yesterday, a man gave it to me while we were waiting for blood tests. i managed about 6 lines of a two-page criticism of stephen fry before i wanted to chew my own arm off in disgust.

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