Wednesday, 10 November 2010


you might not believe this, but this is a photo of absolute carnage.

this is a shot of the construction going on outside my workplace. i mentioned it a while back. have a look at the previous entry that that link links to and play a wee game of 'spot the difference' if you like.

i'll give you the answer, those who couldn't be bothered. in shot 1, there is a big barge-thing full of earth.

in the shot above, however, it has been replaced by a big area of water and three workmen in fluorescent jackets wondering where the barge is.

can you guess where the barge is?

i can tell you where the barge is, if you like. or you could look at that burst of bubbles on the right hand side and make an educated guesstimate.


this morning when i got into work, there were no fluorescent jackets on that site. there was just the last 8 feet of a barge slowly sinking out of sight. there was a sign nearby, with a phone number and the instruction to call Rob Card for construction related issues.

we did that.

a very abridged version of the conversation went like this:

"morning rob. your boat's sunk."
"what?..... fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!!!!"

that's rob card in the photo, in the orange jacket. he is having a bad day.

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