Monday, 31 July 2006

i'm all alone, all alone am i. weeee!

my boss has gone on holiday for two weeks leaving me in charge. in charge i tell thee.
i have one major task while he's away and thank god it's not one littered with peril and galactic responsibility.
it is isn't it?
a party in my pants
this is where i work. i know, "isn't it grand," "isn't it beautiful," "isn't it big," and other gasps of amazement similar (but opposite) to the sorts of things i hear in the bedroom.

my task in the next couple of weeks is to get a company in to rip up all that nice antique wood, fill it with cables, drill a few holes here and there, sink some speakers into some big holes and then put it all back together again. without leaving so much as a pile of sawdust.

oh fuck.

this ain't scrapheap challenge any more. this could go very wrong. wish me luck.
if it does go tits-up, read up on my blog while you can... i don't think i'll be able to add to it much with broken fingers and my teeth punched through my arsehole.


Avrix said...

With you in charge....? It can only go wrong... :)

Painter Beach Girl said...

oh lordy, you are doing a job there? gorgeous!! can you play a sound system stereo while you work?