Wednesday, 12 July 2006

i'm stumped

here's an experiment. i have nothing to write about today, but haven't posted anything in a couple of days so am going to try and put together a half-interesting blog.
i could tell you about a couple of things of recent times. firstly, i had a lovely date on saturday with a very attractive young lady who made me laugh. i can't remember many details of the evening as i drank wine. (i'm not a big drinker generally). not a level of drunk that meant i fell over a lot, but enough to make much of the evening quite fuzzy. some things i remember: we talked for the entire evening without any awkward pauses / we ate in a restaurant that i probably wouldn't choose as a 1st date type place, i couldn't find the more expensive, classier, romanticer place i was hoping to take her to / she is a superb kisser, really very good / the evening went far too quickly / the ice-cream cafe near leicester square doesn't stay open late enough / it's kind of difficult to learn much about someone in the space of one short evening / i'd like to meet her again... we shall see.
the second thing is that on sunday i had a lovely lovely evening with my friends Jonny, Louise and Ruth. we played pictionary and got dominoes to deliver pizza to us in the park, then realised we were all freezing our various types of genetalia off and went back to listen to Louise's songs. Louise is brilliant and you should go here to prove it:
turdly, my housemate matt came back from berlin. He has been out there for 6 weeks covering the world cup with a well known broadcasting company. Its good to have him back though a little strange. hes been away for six whole weeks. thats a long time. he has had a bizarre few weeks by all accounts. for example, on sunday night he partied with Gary Linekar, Alan Hanson, Noel Gallagher, Clive Owen and (fuck off, no really) Spike Lee! (he took photos)
oh, the circles i inhabit! (by proxy)
okay. bedtime.

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