Monday, 3 July 2006

i'm on a big old downer

i did a musical.
it was the last night, last.. er.. night, so now i've got a head full of anti-climax. anti-climax-head is poo. to all those By Jeeves lot out there, cheers for an excellant few months. especially nice to meet: Peter, Gus, Richard, Richard & Jamie. i hope you guys enjoyed being part of our happy little group, we certainly enjoyed having you round to play.
Andrew, you were designed by god for that part. Andy, you on stage is one of my favourite things in the world. Jonny, i love your tummy, but you're a thief, give me back my card! Gus, you are my hero and my mambo. Peter, there are things i don't need to hear, but thankyou for telling me anyway. Jamie, we never had a conversation, but you seem super! Tall Richard, you taught me that no matter how tough you can build something, it can always be broken; a valuable life-lesson. Short Richard, we miss you, hope paid work is also fun. Rachel, ah, delectable Rachel. mmm. Sarah, you nearly made me shit myself laughing. Helen, next time we meet, i'll try not to injur you. its only because i'm shy & i get destructive. Louise, lets totally release an album. we could call it "The Snax of Golb & Funk."
Ruth, -e-baby, you worked wonders with a distinctly average script. Mark, thankyou for writing those nice things, one day i'll get to read them myself - Jonny take heed - i also love working with you. Gemma, you're wonderful, you know. Miriam, good luck in Brum, don't disappear forever. The Band, kicks ass.
it was all good. except of course; the list of Courtyard health hazards. jesus,... that place?!?!

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