Sunday, 16 July 2006

i'm happy with my purchases

what an superb weekend: good friends, glorious weather, excellant gadgets, free tickets, beautiful surroundings, lovely people, fast bike, nice chocolate.
here is my weekend in a nutshell/list/rating format:
film = imax, superman, good company, funny jokes, alright film ***
journey = to birmingham, 11.30pm - 1.30am, speedy, chilly ***
satnav = 1st real use, perfect, straight to the door *****
chris's flat = very nice indeed, spacious, homely, gadgetty, xbox 360 ****
chris = not many people who can stay up til 4am playing computer games, it's good to be back, we're the man *****
birmingham - surprisingly superb city ****
BBQ = cheese baps for the burgers, genius ****
man for all seasons, a play = very good, beautiful setting, free ticket, nice people ***
journey back = incredible weather, hot, quite sweaty in leathers, 100mph ***
mid-journey rest stop = cadbury's dairy milk bar with creme egg filling ****

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