Thursday, 2 September 2010

ebony & ivory

so, yeah. I've been in a bit of a mood lately. you may've noticed. my last few posts have been about as bi-polar as a hippy running auschwitz. the culture shock of retarding ... retiring ... returning to work without a project as big as "Andrew" to keep my mind occupied or the prospect of impending comedy festival slathering my lips has been unbearable.
that and the fact my eczema returned about an hour after walking back into my work.

never fear, though. new projects rear their pretty little heads. I have at least 3 exciting things that are beginning their lives; some improv stuff, some graphic design stuff, other stuff. actually, hang that '3' on the wall and walk away from it tutting. on further thought I have about 6 things. no, seven. whatever. I have a bunch of stuff that I'm going to do.
I can tell you about some of them. others are currently top secret.

one that isn't top secret is a magazine I've been asked to produce. all hand drawn. that's taking up some time, especially as my deadline is the 17th of this month. crokey, I should get on with that or the client will start being a dick or something.

there's talk of an improv podcast. that'll be node. I had an idea to do this a whole while ago, but other stuff happened and I became busy. it's coming back though, with the interest of some bloody great folk.

puppetry-based improv is somewhat something that held my brain at ransom for a while. I might re-loom it in my forethoughts. I already have a name for it. The Improper Tree. I can't explain why I like it, I just fucking do.

there's other stuff. stuff to do with Chicago, the American one. both going to it, and bringing some of it here.
there's an amazing project by a good friend of mine that I'm really bloody shitting excited about, unfortunately that's one of the highly top secret, classified stuffs... so I'm not telling you, so shut-up.

Alan Marriott is coming back to this country. that'll be good.

talking to the remarkable Dylan Emery of Crunchy Frog at Edinburgh, very exciting things are afoot in the Frog-Crunch world.

I'm going to Hoopla tonight, which will be the first time since I started making Andrew. and the masterful Steve "the imp" Roe is teaching tonight, so it will be a muthafucking riot.

so I should stop moaning shouldn't I?

yeah. okay.

bye bye Edinburgh. hello shiploads of fun-business.

what, shut-up.

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