Wednesday, 8 September 2010

shallow grave

I have discovered a new part of London. I love it when that happens.
the rotherhithe tunnel is my new favourite London thing.

I love it for two reasons:
1. it is a much better route to work when I'm riding my customised motorcycle (what i have called Peggy-Jean). it is warm, less congested than my normal route and - if it's raining - dry.

2. it is intensely boring. it has no exciting features. you don't get that heart-leap that happens in other tunnels. there is no relief when you exit, or a gasp for air. it is unremarkable.

I even looked on wikipedia to see if it had an exciting history.


it is 3689 feet long, and was opened in 1908. nowadays it is serving much more traffic than was intended, when it was designed for horses. the speed limit is 20 miles per hour (32 km/h).
during peak hours it gets very busy, although my work hours have led me to avoid this.

the tunnel has turns at right-angles, which were put in to avoid horses seeing daylight too early and making a bolt for the exit (but the Blackwall Tunnel also has this, so it's hardly unique).


but wait! in 2003 a survey found it to be the tenth most dangerous tunnel in Europe! OMG!
now the adrenalin pumps and I loosen my bowels with the thrill that I might use it again. one day.
watch me tap-dance.

there are only NINE more dangerous tunnels in Europe. holy fucking shit. wow. barf.

the rotherhithe tunnel, ladies and gentlemen. the rotherhithe tunnel.

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