Wednesday, 1 September 2010

the inevitable return of the great white dope

there is a likely future where some of the people I work for get to reading this blog. word is out that I made a show based on my experiences as an AV engineer and the bizarre conclusion is that i'd be stupid enough to use it to publicly ridicule the company I work for. well that's just the paranoid idiocy that I would take the piss out of in a show, but would I do it while naming the company and revealing its trade secrets?

no. of course not. it is literally moronic to jump to that assumption and immediately puts them at a lower level of intelligence than me and all the people that read this.
at the very thought of it I shake my head with bemusement. I gaze into the middle distance and wonder how some people manage to get to the position they do.

the company I work for has very brilliant people right at the very top and skilful people at the bottom... but in the middle exists a plateau of nonsense. like the mental equivalent of the beep you get when a heart monitor flatlines.

there's an occasional fluctuation of that rule. in all honesty, I quite like the chap I work directly under. he's a guy who seems about as trapped as me; with 11 tonnes of pressure exerted on him on a daily basis, but very limited resources to make any kind of beneficial change. he also deals with a load of pricks with little understanding of his job and even less understanding of basic social contact. I worry about him. I worry that he's going to burst a heart-valve or his head will eventually fly off with blood pressure. he's a pretty good bloke and has always been pleasant to me, despite a tyrannical reputation.
he doesn't suffer fools. I don't suffer fools.
(maybe the tyrannical reputation comes from the fools)
anyway, he's alright by me.

its the rest that are nonsense.

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