Tuesday, 7 April 2009


the saga continues. i've either become more observant or my hipster detecting senses are becoming more honed, but i'm noticing more and more fixie-riding-dickbags when i'm out on my bike. the other reason of course, is that now the weather is improving they can go out on their mudguard-less bikes without worrying that they might spit dust/rain/hypodermics up their back and ruin their expensive messenger bag/duffle coat/stick-on tattoo.

i'm gonna stick to my hybrid for a good while longer. then i know that i won't be a fixie rider closely trailed by another rider with basic safety equipment (brakes, helmet, grasp-on-reality), who is silently wishing i would suffer the highly deserved crumpling across the bonnet of the next car i cut-up in a traffic jam.

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