Thursday, 30 April 2009

the patriot

to all my american readers. all of you... hank. ... you've probably already joined twitter. if you're a far more common englishman (my sister and S.L.R.) you probably haven't, remaining happy with facebook. that's probably better, twitter is essentially an ego massage where-from you subject your readers to mind-numbingly dull snap shots of your life.

speaking of 'mind-numbing', if you do decide to follow a twit or two, make sure you include tim westwood. he is frankly a joy to beheld, springing upon us such twitting wisdom as:


... and again, for my yank audience, who may have seen the pink panther, ali g or borat... nope. this is not another hilarious parody character created by a talented british comedian. this guy is for real.

for re-al.

i know. it's like the queen doing an impression of dizzie rascal.

i am on twitter. but then i am a self-absorbed goit.

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