Tuesday, 21 July 2009

pee-wee's big adventure

about 10 minutes ago my bike was published to the widely viewed fixed gear gallery.

you can see my page here.
if you want.

yes. i finished it. and otiously took pictures of it for an hour or so in my back yard. i'm really pleased with the way it looks and loved the process of building it, although riding it is a new experience that i'm getting used to. i think other people like it too; the gallery also publishes your email address on the page and i've already received 2 complimentary emails about how it looks.

i also saw my australian cousin recently and showed him some pictures. he said nice things too, which was nice because he rides track-bikes on a velodrome back in oz. at one stage i heard he was looking to represent AUS in the 2012 olympics. don't know if he still is. i should probably find out.

anyway. here's another picture. go to this gallery for even more detail.

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