Tuesday, 21 July 2009

watchmen: tales of the black freighter

directly taken from the alan moore book 'watchmen' this is more of a special feature that could have just been put on the final watchmen disc. it's been created as an accompaniment to the zak snyder movie in his attempt to re-create the entire watchmen universe on screen, but although i felt overcome with absolute joy at the watchmen movie, this felt a bit too fan-boy. i appreciate the want to drown in the brightly coloured dystopian universe of watchmen, but i couldn't shake the idea that making 'black freighter' was partly just to try and win moore's favour.

alan moore has been very negative in regards to all the film adaptations of his books (with league of extraordinary gentlemen he was in the right) and i can understand the reason why. it's like writing an awesome song and then having kanye west sample it. and making lots of money out of your talent and hard work.

my complete hallucination aside, this is a good little animated tale from the depths of one of the best contemporary literary minds in britain, adapted by some very talented (if obsessed) film-makers. not something you'd watch every day, but a fair piece in a complete film collection.


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