Friday, 17 July 2009

sex & the city

admittedly i don't fit into the target demographic for this movie, but i thought it was okay. my main criticism - i suppose - is that i always thought chick flicks should include two things:
1 - be uplifting
2 - be really empowering for women

i spent the majority of it feeling really sad, actually. quite depressed that a kid hiding a phone could result in such a terrible end to a relationship, a sad feeling that wasn't resolved for most of the movie.
and it ended with a reaffirmation of the idea that women do need men to be happy.

get some, feminists.

i actually thought they would've been better off turning all the stories they covered in the film into a whole other series. that way they would have still had screen-time to add 'the funny' that my girlfriend informs me fills the tv show...

it was alright though. it kept my attention, you can't really fault any of the actors and all the characters are actually pretty believable. and paris hilton isn't in it.


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