Sunday, 31 January 2010

the midnight meat train

for a new year's resolution i decided to give up meat, as some form of weight loss technique invented in my own head. i had total intentions of seeing through the whole year, believing entirely that the fatty deposits i call "my torso" would just disintegrate into solid manly muscle. this was proved to be a crazy, stupid and moronic plan as soon as i reached 3rd january and realised the list of food i'd eaten so far this year were
fish and chips
pizza again (at 3am)...


i also had a vegetarian trying to convince me that the whole thing was a terrible idea and i should just eat the stuff i enjoy, meat included.
a vegetarian who encourages carnivoring? brilliant! (thats the kind of veggie that you'd actually enjoy spending time with, not like the other faggots)... anyway, i took her wise advice, but for the purposes of self moderation i thought i should at least stay veggie for january.

january is nearly at an end. tomorrow is february. that means i can eat meat. fucking ace.
and it's lucky, because the meat fast has started to have an effect on my subconscious. bizarrely i found a video that exactly replicated the dream i've had for the last 8 nights.

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