Thursday, 21 January 2010

mr. big stuff

i'm a little bit over-addicted to children's telly. every morning when i get into work at 7am, the first thing i do is put on channel 5 and tune my senses to whichever sprightly young nympho is presenting that day (that clip is naomi, she's my favourite). then it's a case of trying to fit my daily equipment checks around the best shows (rory the racing car, noddy, thomas the tank engine).

the best of the best, though, is the mr. men. by far. it's gone through an american remake, but for the UK shows they've dubbed them in more relevant accents. i was a bit unsure to begin with; as we all know, the majority of american remakes are about as much of an improvement as pissing on your own jumper. but once the regional accents kicked in, i was sold.

firm favourites are:
  • mr. nosy and mr. small. the best double act since eric morecambe & christopher morris
  • mr. messy as a scouser... the obvious choice.
  • mr. happy, well, he's just over-excited all the time.
observe an episode

(warning, this episode involves bean-tasting)

well, what else were you going to do with that ten minutes of your life?
maybe you could've watched this one instead, which features a "tickling woodland menace":

i literally, genuinely love it. it makes me laugh so hard my ring-piece vibrates. there was an episode recently where the mr. men had a hat competition. mr. grumpy was certain he'd win even though he was just wearing his normal hat, while all the others had put loads of effort in.
"NO CHANCE!" i shouted at the telly, but after a series of freak accidents all the other mr. men had been delayed to the competition, and all their hats had combined into one almighty bonnet, that inexplicably landed on mr. grumpy's head.
well, of course, there was only one clear winner by this point and mr. grumpy (despite putting no effort in) won.
hands down.
so he walked home with the first prize... which was a pipe organ.
....a pipe organ.

there's not even an idiotic moral ending! brilliant.

kids stuff rules. i work in the 34-floored HQ of a massive corporate bank and they still have a sweet shop that sell fruit salads, black-jacks, sherbert dip-dabs and the like. yum yum yum.

that is a picture of my desk. check out thomas the fricken tank engine, yo!

oh yeah, and to leave you, here's another genius show.
pato the duck fucking rocks:

steven fry!

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