Monday, 18 January 2010

sex & drugs & rock & roll

hello again reader. doesn't it seem like a while since we last met? there's been the odd bit of contact here and there, hasn't there? but nothing very regular.
there were about 6 months last year where i posted a film review (of sorts) every day, but that was rather out of character wasn't it? it certainly wasn't my usual gourmet blend of internetual discoveries and violently offensive observations about the world we live in. there weren't really even hints of entries about my compelling and historic life.

and who can remember the last time i described my constant seething anger that jordan is allowed to exist in our society without so much as a public beheading to relieve us?

i hope you didn't miss it too much.

i know you didn't.

you may've noticed the a-team casting exercise towards the end of last year. that was fun wasn't it? and then there's the current series of 'song a day for january' videos that have been finding their way into your RSS feeders.
none of those require much thought, though. not on my part anyway.

anyway, i'm just writhing today (writhing?)... i'm just writing today to let you know: i'm back.

i'm back and i'll be blogging as normal; with cynicism, bad grammar and ... whatever the opposite of erudition is.
are you excited? can you feel the excitement in the air, like a teenager's erection in a room of lingerie catalogues?


okay fair enough. still, it's all coming soon, and it'll be here whether you like it or not.

oh look at that, i've bored myself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello. Remember how you are a good writer?

Well, you are, so stop pre-supposing that people are bored and uninterested.

We are whatever the opposite of bored is and uninterested is.

I'm really, really glad you're back doing this, dude. :)