Friday, 29 January 2010

a song a day for january: 29

following almost seamlessly from yesterday's delve into the pretentious writings of my past, and their application to live gigs what i have been to; i present duke special, the only contender to gogol bordello's 'best live band ever in the world ever ever' crown.

duke special's drummer is called temperance society chip bailey. i bloody love him. as a retired drummer myself i can only gaze in envy at how cool he is. you can see how cool he is by watching this video:

although, that wasn't the song i wanted to show you for today. i love it, but here is the song for january:

okay, i admit it, i'm running out of days in the month, and i still have lots more songs i love. tomorrow i'm gonna try and get five in without you noticing.

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