Tuesday, 1 August 2006

i'm re-aligning my brain

out of the neon sun ~ chapter 2

the planning hath officially begun. decisions hath been made. a step hath been taken. it's becoming slightly real. yep, i'm definitely going to mongolia.

matt and i have chosen to travel 2nd class in 4-berth cabins so we get to meet lots of people on the way. we currently have our fingers crossed that on one of the legs of the journey those two people turn out to be 18 year-old swedish professional dancers with a healthy attitude to nudity and experimentation.

we're aiming to go sometime during may/june. we'll miss out on the naadar festival which is a shame, but during july/august it gets very busy tourist-wise and temperatures range from 35-45C. bloomin' nora. well it is desert.

and there are mosquitoes. a lot of them. the size of your fist.

my favourite decision though, is that we're going to wing it. completely. all we'll know beforehand are our flight time into moscow and our flight time out of beijing. the rest we'll make up as we go along. scared? excited? yup. i get a little burst of adrenalin every time i think about it. op! theres one.

but here's the thing that has really made me think its real. i've started the slippery treacherous task of learning mongolian.fuckin' idiot so i don't appear a total retard ->

i was terrible at languages at school. i learned french for a bit and forgot it all. i learned german for a bit longer and now all i can do is ask where the nearest train station is; not that much use. especially not in the middle of the gobi desert.

a stroke of luck though. a girl at work is a mongol (don't laugh) and she's teaching me how to speak khalkha. bonus. apparently my accent is very good. she got this far away dreamy look in her eye when i spoke, although that could just be my spankingly delightful face. bayartai!

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Shoelace said...

Cool, a picture of a Mongol with a mong!