Saturday, 17 June 2006

i'm getting serious

despite all my expectations my blog has now been read by 30 people in a week. christ alive. qu'elle suprisette mon bonjourno amy mon due.
so i set myself two projects today. i was to install satellite navigation and a sound system into my dear dear motorbike-cycle and run cabling aboout mine house, so all the music i have on y computer could be played anywhere in the building.
on the subject of music i' currently playing "la phaze" by dj zebra. its french and its rap and its rock. get in.
running the cables was a piece of carrot cake. i can now envelope my entire abode (and consequently my existence) in music. i can literally coat myself. once i have removed aforementioned coat i can turn on my music, lay back and enjoy, though i don't speak french; and i doubt bass guitars and drum samples work as well as linguaphone.
project number two: not so successful. sat-nav in, done, secure, sexy, useful, talented, punctual and with a sense of direction that rivals jesus.
sound system, not so successful. so i've pretty much ripped to shreds two really good personal sound systems one of which went bloody excellant with my iPod. what i'm left with is - some circuitry, some wires, some batteries, some plastic. but i won't give in. there will be sound on my bike. there rutting will.
i was on tv today. see me working here
dj zebra has given way to nouvelle vague. you should all listen to them. they do alternative/lounge versions of classic punk tracks. currently: love will tear us apart by joy division by nouvelle vague.
i have to work tomorrow. it is sunday tomorrow. its true, we don't live in a free world.

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