Friday, 16 June 2006

i'm a voice; i keeps on callin' me

yes, this is really me
so i found out that blog is a shortening of web-log. i wonder how many thousands, millions, scores of blog there are. and why do people write them? why am i bothering? whats the very point in typing here and now while i could be watching over my right shoulder at the mexico/angola game?
no-one will read this. and if they do they won't post a reply or come back again. or do they? is this a subculture that i don't know exists? are there compulsive blogreaders who'll subscribe to everything in an attempt to gather in hidden gems and wash in the suds of privacy?
14 people have come here this week, and it wasn't that long ago that i typed my first one. what have you found? what were you looking for? who are you? why am i writing to you? why am i addicted to typing all this shit? why didn't i stop after the first question? what do i hope to find?
weird isn't it? that photo of me could be interpretted as me checking my willy-area for urine stains. i wasn't. i was laughing wildly.
blogs are like diarys i s'pose. the last time i wrote a diary it was because i was scared and alone and bored and depressed. i'm not any of those things now, so thats nice.
stop typing.

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Mighty Meredith said...

You are darling. Great blog, I will definitely be back. :)