Tuesday, 27 June 2006

i'm the urban cowboy, baby, i got speed

iiiii goooot ev-rything i need. bu-dum dum dum.
i'm somewhat late with it, but i've recently finished watching firefly. those who have watched need no explanation. those who haven't: why don't you become a member of the previous club?...
it's a lovely show. just, just... lovely. i'm sad now
urban cowboy... eh? this is my new blogging name. i feel it encompasses a few of the original categories that i wished to encompass with my encompassing. [see june 21st] here is why:
biker: a bike is like a horse. you sit on it. you can ride it. you can put panniers on it. it has a saddle. it has a certain level of horse power.
techie: living in an urban metropolis i feel i soak up naturally emitted technology on a daily basis.
pirate: cowboys are like the desert version of pirates. totally. they wear bandannas. i do not though, i am not still in the 80's.
purveyor of fine hats: cowboys have the best hats of all time. ever. i too have good hats, including a cowboy hat. a good one though; more kevin bacon in tremors than garth brooks in nashville.
here are the reasons why my blogging name is inappropriate:
biker: a bike is not a horse. it is a bicycle with an engine within it. if you put an engine in a horse it topples over.
techie: technology is not emitted naturally. that would be crazy talk.
pirate: i am nothing like a pirate. and nor is a cowboy. me & cowboys share the following un-pirate-y things in common: 2 legs/2 hands/2 eyes/land-lubbing/no parrot. we also favour stubble over the full beard.
purveyor of fine hats: cowboys stick to one hat. i have many. do you think it would spoil the character of a cowboy if he were to don a deerstalker or bobble hat? i think it would create a whole new level of wild-western enjoyment.

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