Wednesday, 21 June 2006

i'm the king of pop

sound system is in bike. yippeee!
fastest lap time again today. super!
nice long chat with a freund. bon!
eyes watering like the niagra ones... bum.
my eyes have been leaking now for what seems like a fortnight. in actual fact its been more like 13 days. i don't know why.. is it hayfever or tiredness or am i losing my sight? none of these options are particularly welcome.
i am trying to come up with a new blogging name so i can start blogging on a new blogging website where i can blog in a bloggy way. blog. my buddies all have fetching blog identities that are both aesthetically and audibly pleasant: Wide-Eyed Troubadour, Red, Booty-Lace and so forth.
i want mine to encompass the following aspects of my personality: biker, techie, punk, pirate, purveyor of fine hats....
any suggestions?

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