Thursday, 15 June 2006

i'm writing a book

i am. i'm writing one. i always thought i should. here is the opening:

The world changed the first time I was naked in public, my organ flapping lightly against my pubis as I sprinted the streets, light drizzle coating my chest and damping the fluff in my belly button. Across my face; my first smile in a decade spread, warming my freezing shoulders.

This is not a good way to begin a story.

It is probably better to begin by telling you something about myself - I am tall. I do not live with my parents anymore. the computer at my desk doesnt work properly and sometimes I get to work and its written things on the screen overnight. My house is filled with things that I don't own.

I kept a detailed record of the last six months but I filed many of the pages away and cannot find them. The ones you are beginning to read are the few that I found in my freezer with my neighbours foot and address book. There was a padlock on the freezer but I found the key.

I am a standard person with strict morals. This may not be immediately evident.

don't worry. i'll go back and re-edit again when the books finished. okaybye

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