Thursday, 28 October 2010


a very brief complaint i just sent to the 'right honourable' george osbourne. georgie pays accountants to search for loopholes in the law to avoid paying tax. he's dodging about £1.6 million in taxes that would otherwise go back into the damaged-by-people-like-him system that we're having to live in at the moment.
"we're all in this together" - george osbourne
so it'd be nice if - being a multi-millionaire - you helped out a bit.

of course, the spin-doctors would argue that he's not doing anything illegal and it's just attentive book-keeping. wouldn't it be nice to even have the option of paying £1.6 million?
dear george osbourne,

stop being a prick. seriously. how do you ever expect to be respected as a valid member of society if you place yourself above it in a self-decreed god role. this is no different to the billions in tax dodges that multinational companies operate around the world, that takes money away from the struggling people in the countries they operate.

honestly, that's just a real dickish thing to do.

[my name]

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