Thursday, 7 October 2010


by all accounts, this plate of food should never have existed. it might not still.

this was one of those times where you literally have no food in, but your saddlebags and wallet are informing you to avoid phoning up Mr. Pizza's Chicken Shack and getting them to deliver you a kebab.

so this is not a bad plate of food, considering. here are the ingredients that made this meal a possible antidote to total failure:

some potatoes. a beetroot. a small tin of tuna. some old spinach that should've been in the bin. 8 tiny chili-prawns that hadn't been finished from a snack lunch. two carrots. a bit of old broccoli. salt remnants.

in some lights that portion of potato/beetroot mash looks like churned up offal, doesn't it?

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