Tuesday, 5 October 2010

wise guys

norman wisdom died yesterday. I remember watching his films when I was younger and it wasn't a case of whether or not I liked them, it was just a fact that they were good comedy films and you have no other option but to enjoy them.

about wisdom, the news would (and probably did) happily spout that happy allegation, "Norman Wisdom was one of the 'true greats' of British slapstick comedy."

it's true, he was.

he's part of a dying breed. an actual dying breed. a breed of great entertainers that include Ronnie Barker, Bob Monkhouse and Graham Chapman. and loads of others, too numerous to list.

would it were that I could say an unending list. how good that'd be. unfortunately it's not, and that's what wisdom's death made me immediately consider.

- where are the new 'true greats' coming from? -

who is there under the age of 30 that will one day be called a jewel in the entertainment crown? who is having the impact now, that the truly great entertainers have had for the last ten decades?

of course, this accolade has to be earned and when Norman Wisdom was 25 years old people probably hadn't predicted that he would become Great. we probably do have these people in our midst but we don't know who they are yet.

but who the hell are they?

simon cowell sure as buggery isn't searching for them.

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