Thursday, 14 October 2010

to catch a thief

"a study of two things" - photography by j. funkhouse

1. note the silver glint of the forensic powder placed directly on the glass. deliberate and convincing.

forensic powder is the substance police use to try and convince you that the burglars will be identified and your property recovered. if you have the spare time to waste, and have sat through any one of the CSI:Propaganda episodes (they're all the same), you may be under the impression that the soft sheen of fingerprint powder is a route to justice.

however if you are like me and have been subject to a (now) total of 3 burglaries, 1 motorcycle theft and 1 car broken into, forensic powder is just a weird looking mess that's almost impossible to remove from a painted wooden surface.
it is false hope.
it gets on your clothes when you're trying to secure your home by screwing metal strips to your broken kitchen window.

2. note the split in the central wooden structure; now difficult to see after you've forced splintered wood back into it's original position and secured aforementioned metal strips. when the window lay open to the world - freshly crow-barred - the split was easy to see. now it is more difficult, a mere ghost, but still undeniably there.

undeniably there like the niggling spectre of discomfort that someone has been unwelcome into your home, touched your things, crept about in your sanctuary. undeniably there like the uncertain security of your house, your home, teetering on a fulcrum. undeniably there, juxtaposing the existence of three laptops and an iMac... which are now - undeniably - not there.


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