Tuesday, 19 October 2010

steamy windows

I reached a conclusion with some friends a few days ago. it's a conclusive part of that whole PC vs. Mac argument.

mac users are widely criticised for their apple-evangelism, and it's well warranted. even as a mac user myself I've found the militant apple-vangelist to be irritating and the whole argumentative dialogue to be fruitless. I've tried to convert a few people, with the genuine motivation to improve their life. a lot of the time you get in return 'but they're so much more expensive' ... and suggesting that they'd have to buy 3 or 4 PC laptops to cover the life of my one MacBook seems to fall on deaf ears.

so basically the conclusion is this: if you want to use a PC... fine.
see if I care.
if you want to spend your life failing to connect to a wifi network for no reason,
or worrying that every new Microsoft update is going to ruin your week,
or losing 10 hours of word processing to an emailed trojan virus,
or waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting..

look up at that bilboard for PowerPoint 2010. is that the worst written caption for a poster of all time?

"I want to make
it great because
you will agree
with what I have

holy crap. is that meant to be some sort of haiku of something?! how did Microsoft let that happen? did they not hear alarm bells when they said it out loud and it sounded like their marketing was being conducted by an angry tramp in odd shoes?

still, I'd put money on the media company who did the poster design having done it on iMacs.

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