Thursday, 7 October 2010

mo money, mo problems

yup. a hitler moustache.

it's tempting. richard herring attempted to bring it back into the mainstream last year with his hitler moustache themed show, and according to interviews seemed to get reactions that ranged from down-right horror to total apathy when he walked round the streets of london.

some real great men have sported the toothbrush moustache. that bloke from On The Buses, what i never watched because it looked a bit average. charlie chaplin had a hitler moustache and he was one of the funniest men in the world... hmm... wait.. actually that sentence is not entirely correct.

adolf hitler had a charlie chaplin moustache and he was one of the funniest men in the world.

... that'll have to do.

moustaches in general are pretty fricken ace. even if you don't care for a magnificent fascist one you could grow a lip-adornment reminiscent of burt reynolds, ron jeremy or jason lee and be satisfied.

or a generic cowboy situation on your face would burst pleasure all about.

i've just signed up for movember and invited a fair collection of sea-faring gents and lady-hangers-on to join together in raising some money for prostate cancer... when i say for prostate cancer, i actually mean against it, but thats the way the english language works sometimes.

if the team comes together we will spend the entire of november forcing out some facial sprouts and hopefully get some financial praise for our efforts, which we will deliver (indirectly) up the rectums of men around the world who've had to suffer from the frightening infection of the smooth muscle just up behind their perineum that helps us all provide a steady and fluid ejaculation. and we all like ejaculating, don't we?

you can join my team if you like. we're called 8-foot M0LEcule. i'm not exactly 100% on why, but that's the name i gave the team. in hindsight, i wish i'd called it Smooth Ejaculate, but that's what you get for doing the research after the team name. cart before the horse and all that.

anyway, speaking of come .. come and join us! grow a tash! make money for some bloke's gunpowder!

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