Saturday, 6 June 2009

the crow: wicked prayer

this is one of those films that make you wonder about the thought processes of some of the people involved, about how they feel when they're filming it. do they realise the terrible terrible thing they are undertaking? do they know that when the project is finished it will be forever a filthy blot in the history of film production? some of the actors in this are almost innocent parties in a project that has the same impact on the movie industry as the holocaust had on hannukah.
i mean, dennis hopper is in this! and david boreanaz (who isn't normally a pillar of goodness, but compared to this film could've been cast as forrest gump).

you would be forgiven for suggesting that any film with tara reid in is destined to be a vomitous pile of wank, but unfortunately for this completely pointless sequel the list of disasters doesn't end there.


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