Friday, 12 June 2009

the dark knight

oooooohhhhhhh. SO good.

christian bale is ever-so slightly less convincing as the misunderstood comic-book hero as he was in 'begins' but is still by far the best batman ever.

if a little too long, this movie is mostly excellent: heath ledger, gary oldman and morgan freeman are particularly good. the effects are flawless and the stunts are amazing. i especially liked the scene where they realised who the hostages actually were and the sequence that followed.

not a huge fan of the bike design, but it made sense considering its primary use. the weakest link was maggie gyllenhall, which was a big shame. she was good enough, but we need someone sexier and... errrr, better i suppose. although not having katie holmes was a blessing.

anyway, enough of the negatives. generally it was awesome, disturbing, adrenalin-inducing, witty, fun, stunning and i liked it. liked it like i like stuff i like.


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