Sunday, 28 June 2009

the departed

classy classy classy. when they say a movie has a "stella cast" this is the sort of thing they mean, with a cast list that glimmers with some of the best talent the world can muster. it twists and turns and keeps you on the edge, the story is fantastic, and the actors are - on the whole - phenomenal. even marky mark, who's character can justifiably be placed on the 'most annoying characters of all time' list.

this is definitely a boy's film, lots of manly men doing manly things with guns and cars and enough testosterone you could slip over.

yuh, this was cool.


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A Pea Called Loweese said...

I'm not a boy and this film is listed as one of my fav's in an imaginary list that isn't yet created.

I enjoyed the unpredictability of it, I hate films where you know whats going to happen, and what all the "secret twists" are before you're 15 minutes into the film.