Tuesday, 30 June 2009

warmer than hell

spinal tap, wembley arena

perhaps the most ironic gig that has ever existed: 3 aging rockers played by 3 aging comedians, doing a faux reunion gig for a fake band parodying classic rock from a mockumentary made 25 years ago called their "one night world tour", supported by a faux folk band made up of the same 3 actors in different costumes - one of which was dressed as a woman - in reference to a different mockumentary they made about 10 years ago.

and the audience seemed to be made up of:
people who modeled their life on derek smalls,
people who modeled their 'look' on derek smalls,
people who dressed in fancy dress as derek smalls,

..and one guy who sat in front of us, singing as loud as the human vocal chords could muster and explaining to his bemused girlfriend that Spinal Tap pretty much guided every choice he's ever made in his life... without irony. which, to me, makes it seem even more ironic.

anyway. the three original performers, who between them created the mockumentary genre and so one of the bedrocks of modern comedy, took it to a whole new level; and their brilliantly observed characatures played a notably un-sold-out gig without missing a parodying beat.
was it by genius design that the place was only 2 thirds full?
was it a sign of highly controlled skill that many of the songs were a bit rubbish?
could it have been the mind of comedy legend that screwed up the opening VT?
the conviction with which creator Christopher Guest played misunderstood songwriter and lead guitarist Nigel Tufnall suggests it so.

and,.. whatever; it was cool to be there. especially when justin hawkins turned up with a bass guitar shaped like a space shuttle to play the bassline of 'big bottom'

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