Tuesday, 16 June 2009

hellboy II: the golden army

nooooooo. i wanted so much for this to be a brilliant film, but left it in a state of disappointment.

so many parts of it were great, mostly the way it looked; which was phenomenal. it's one of the best looking films i've ever seen and by far the best superhero movie ever... visually. guillermo's vision of an alternate supernatural world will be unsurpassed for a long time what with this, pan's labyrinth and blade 2.

it's not all about the look though, unfortunately. the rest seemed strangely misplaced. it lacked the witty script i found in the first hellboy. the characters were less convincing, there were some horribly cheesey lines and scenes, the golden army itself was just a bit dull......

the opening scene with hellboy as a teenager was just unnecessary and the young version of hellboy reminded me of the 'whos of whoville' from the jim carrey grinch film.

and a whole list of other faults.

there were some quite cool action sequences, and it was nice to see luke goss reprising his blade 2 role.... but i walked out thinking "it just wasn't fun"



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