Saturday, 16 May 2009


much more contrived, cheap, dumb and misplaced that it thinks it is. this spacey show is 'good will hunting' without the intelligence, 'ocean's 11' without the charm. ... or 'superbad' with the humour taken out and replaced by maths.

very disappointing, quite lazy, and poorly casted - especially kate bosworth (oh dear). everyone was a slightly inadequate version of a different actor that would've been much better. very misjudged and never quite settled on what genre it was trying to be... was it college-crime or casino-glamour or mentor-betrayal... who knows? and it was SO VERY LONG. there's nothing quite like a movie outstaying it's welcome. all I enjoyed was the excellent opening shot as the main character (what's his name?) rides his bike over a bridge. that bit was good. technically.


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