Saturday, 30 May 2009

the incredible hulk

this is considered an 'independent movie' by someone somewhere, mainly because it hasn't been made by a studio. i say "long live the big budget independent movie!"

what we seem to be getting now, thankfully, is the kind of money supplied by the big studios; without the horrible corporate intervention. movies made by the people that love the characters, are committed to the history and will not piss product placement everywhere to increase their personal restaurant budget. politics aside, marvel have released another compelling, entertaining and just-plain-fun superhero action film. complete with hints of what might be round the corner; they are creating the marvel comic-book world in film form. there will be crossovers, there will be collaboration films, there will be a long string of brilliance. what with this, iron man, the oncoming captain america... not to mention the latest batman franchise:... superhero movies are awesome.


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