Thursday, 28 May 2009


there was no need to remake this completely brilliant spanish fright-fest, which is so well executed from start to finish. the film works like a roller-coaster with climbs and falls and turns all over the place. i loved the way it would build and build and build the tension only to upset the whole momentum and throw you totally off-balance, totally ignoring all the tired old conventions of the many many american-style horror movies that get trawled out every other day. in fact the whole thing was enhanced by a spanish script.

much comparison has been made between this and The Blair Witch Project, but i think this is a far more accomplished production. i also thought the main character (played by Manuela Velasco) was as convincing as is possible with a documentary style, a traditionally hard thing to pull off.

turn the lights off, turn this on. make sure you have a poo first.


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