Monday, 11 May 2009

20,000 leagues under the sea

who remembers when i blogged about redundant product advertising? hands up. no-one?
okay whatever.

i was trying to piece together some sort of sustenance earlier. it was going pretty well; i'd found some vegetables in the plastic veg-bucket under the sink and there was some stuff that was almost certainly meat in a drawer under the TV. i wanted some tuna, though. i had a tin of it, which i managed to get open using a specialist tool, but that was the point when i hit trouble. you see the tin was open, but it was full of some sort of liquid, literally surrounding the tuna. i tried to remove it by shaking the tin vigorously. i tried slamming the tin against the kitchen top. then against my head.

it just wouldn't work.

i licked it, i stabbed it, i filled it with more liquid to disperse the old liquid. i got out my calculator at one point, thinking it might help. scooping it with a prawn voulavant didn't work. flicking it with a kebab skewer didn't.

or shouting at it.

it was just so difficult. frankly i got to a point where i thought it was completely impossible to remove the liquid from a tin of tuna. all hope was lost.
until the national tuna-brine-removal helpline told me about this:

if only i'd known before, it would've saved the tears. thank christ they've invented it though. who knows the 'drama' they've saved?

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